Lovely Bones Essay

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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is a novel in which the style of the novel and how it is written is equally as important as who the characters are and what the characters represent. The Bildungsroman starts off with a mini prologue which introduces us to a penguin in a snow globe, the main character Susie Salmon and her father Jack. "trapped in a perfect world" is how Jack describes the penguin's life yet Susie is not convinced by this idea. The effect this mini prologue should have on the reader is to make the reader see the entrapment of a penguin through the eyes of both characters. To one, it is but a perfect world and to the other, it is trapped and cannot escape. The narrator of the novel is Susie and she is quite a unique narrator as she is dead "I was murdered by a man from our neighbourhood." The style of the first setence is similar to that found on a tombstone " My name was Salmon, like the fish, first name Susie." This sentence contains the word 'was' which either indicates Susie may be married as thus no longer a Salmon or dead. The style of writing that Sebold has done makes the reader curious about Susie "if they give you lined paper, write the other way" as she is made as she is made, both believable and child-like. As the novel progresses, one can see that Susie is not an ordinary narrator, but an omniscient one "he built a balsa wood stand which would later replace me." Omniscience is also known as the third eye of God, and this implies all seeing and all knowing which has the effect Sebold wanted to explore. Susie's experience of rape "he was the mortar and I was the pestle" is an obscene and cruel sense of humor yet it is how the author felt when she was raped,which was put into a biography called Lucky. "And that was when I decided to tell my story" tells the reader that up until that point, the omniscient narrator had been looking back on

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