Loveliest Tree Essay

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Critique of A.E. Housman’s “Loveliest of Trees” The poem of “Loveliest of trees” written by Housman portrays a 20 years old young man who just realizes he is getting older and he cannot turn back time. “Loveliest of trees” happens in spring season, even though there is “snow” in the last line of the poem. It also explains the human condition and advices partial solution, which is our life is very short and time is not enough to enjoy the beauty of nature in his life. This poem makes this young man sense the beauty of nature surrounds him. When Housman says “Loveliest of trees, the cherry now,” it means the cherry tree is his favorite tree. “Is hung with bloom along the bough/ and stands about the woodland ride/ wearing white of Eastertide.” When the writer stands in the woods, he realizes the chances to look at the beauty are limited because the cherry tree only blooms once in a year. Eastertide usually happens in April, which enters the spring season. “Loveliest of trees” happens in the spring season, the season for the new beginning and rebirth. He writes “Now, of my threescore years and ten.” A score is twenty years. “And take from seventy springs a score” indicates that in general a human lifetime is about 70 years. “Twenty will not come again” and “It only leaves me fifty more” show the young man has lived for 20 years old and has only 50 years more to live. Housman realizes 50 years is not enough to enjoy the beauty of nature in his life. When the writer writes “And since to look at things in bloom/ fifty springs are little room” The cherry tree only blooms once in a year. The young man realizes that he has only 50 years more to enjoy the beauty of his life. When he says he will go “To see the cherry hung with snow,” he suggests winter, and winter suggests death. Spring suggests rebirth and new beginnings. The writer suggests us to use time wisely to
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