Love Is A World Of Lies

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What is love? I’m talking about love itself. What is love? Is love real? Wait. Is it better if I say: Does love let us see what’s real? Love blinds you. I’ve never been fully in love and I can still assure that statement. I’d like to say I have. Though if I had, I’d have probably like to say I never had. What for? Love doesn’t last forever. When a pair of lovers get old and cranky, are they still able to love each other? What I think is that they are simply not. You may think I’m wrong. You may have just remembered this couple that has been together for ages and now that they are 60 they go for long walks holding hands. I’ll tell you this: First of all, that’s not common. Secondly, that’s not love. That is…friendship. Yes, my friend, here is where we finally reached the essence of love. The other part of love -that thing that has been driving human beings crazy over the years- is just…lust. Or what did you think could have made from love the main inspiration for artist all over the years? They needed to say out loud “I’m in love” as you say “I’m hungry”. To express your needs is a part of human nature. And this is how, fed from crude lust and looking towards that gentle feeling of friendship, something called love begins. That’s what love is. We’ve just broke down love in p i e c e s. Now you can fit them together again and enjoy it! It will blind you, confuse you and drive you both mad and nonsensical. You will find yourself doing things you thought you would never do. If you are ready to make yourself feel from the best to the worse, go for it. Get into the game. Don’t fight it. Just be ready to let the feeling control yourself and make you see everything except for what’s real. Be ready to fall into every trap love has set for you. Jealousy, misery, exaltation…Be ready to fall into a world of lies. People seem to enjoy it. So, please do. “The greatest

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