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Love vs. Lust Spencer W. Kimball [Provo: BYU Publications, 1975] My dear young people, the youth of Zion: How pleased the Lord must be tonight to see a gathering of this nature and of this warmth and of this sweetness. As you sing “Shall the Youth of Zion Falter,” I thank the Lord when you say, “No, we never will falter. We’ll move forward and we will acquit ourselves like ladies and gentlemen.” I wonder if we have ever had this large a choir, as you sang lustily and with great power and, I think, great feeling. I am sure the Lord is pleased with you here tonight. This is a grave responsibility, to take this half hour of this many people’s time. I am conscious of it, and I pray that the Lord will help me to say something that will touch the hearts of each and give you additional strength and power. I love youth. I really love youth, and I have been watching you now for a long time, and I am proud of you and happy with you. It is a great world in which we live. If we could only contrast your lives with the lives of many young people your own age in many other places in the world, I am sure you would be grateful, too. I rejoice when you grow up clean and stalwart and make tall shadows. I sorrow when misfortune comes and we have remorse and troubles. Numerous disasters have occurred in mid-ocean by collisions of ships with other ships and sometimes with icebergs, and numerous people have gone to their watery graves. Soon such a thing will not be possible, for ships will be equipped with radar equipment which will alert ships’ officers should a collision be imminent. A tape will be played automatically, booming from the darkened bridge: “This is an alert. This ship is approaching an object. This is an alert. This ship is approaching an object.” And the voice will not be stilled until the mate comes to the radarscope and turns the recorder off. This will enable ships to

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