love vs lust

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Love and lust, how does one define it? Love is defined as a deep, tender feeling, an intense desire and attraction toward a person willing to make a relationship of emotion and romance. Lust, known as an intense or uncontrolled sexual craving for a person of attraction. Most consider lust as more of an infatuation. A lustful relationship only involves a physical attraction. Both love and lust show similarities in craving someone in a sensual way. Unlike lust, in love, people invest more emotional ties. Lust carries no emotional attachment, proving the assumption that lust is better than love. With lust, no one has to worry about other people’s feelings being hurt or even a broken heart. Avoiding this is simple, one must declare it is a physical attraction. Lust does not involve all the emotions that love carries. Loving someone means missing him/her or even wondering if the other person is safe. Lust does not involve all the responsibility and commitment, but no one can lust forever. Lust pleasures can only last for a short period of time. Lust can not offer anyone comfort or stability, providing that it also does not give support or encouragement. Lust offers nothing more than pleasure, which does not always prove its worth. Love, on the other hand, makes everyone feel wanted. It makes one feel important as if they have found the meaning to life. True love provides emotions, comfort, stability and commitment to each other. Loving someone creates a good feeling. Throughout a relationship, love progresses. One forms a feeling of comfort allowing a bond such, as sharing secrets, valuables, and emotions with that one person. Both good and bad, love and lust have impacted many hearts. Love is considered as one of the best things that could ever happened; although, lust may be preferred over love. Many fear a loving relationship due to the fact that are

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