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* Love vs. Love The definition of the noun “love” is an intense feeling of deep affection. On the other hand the definition of the verb “love” is to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. For a large portion of my life I believed love had one definition. I have had the opportunity to have experienced both types of love, and realized they happen based on who one meets and the relationship one seeks with that person. The love from a parent is unique to itself compared to the love from a lover. When defining the love for a parent, thoughts of unconditional deep affection arise. Some people might say the love from a parent is more important and on an entire different level than a romantic love. The way one can look up to a parent and hear the words “I love you,” might be incomparable to any other words or feelings. The tender touch of a mother and the firm voice of a father can make the difference when experiencing emotional turmoil. To some people, the love of a parent can be forgiving and limitless, whereas with the lover; the love connection may never remain as strong as desired and can eventually corrode and cease to exist. To me the love of a parent is something I have grown up with. I have learned I will always have people supporting me and helping me if I need it. Although the love of a parent can be influential and helpful most people seek more than just love from a mother or father. On the other hand, the love from a lover can be defined as more of an action and less passive. A romantic love . Although some people hold a parent’s love on a different level compared to a lover’s affection, others believe the two are incomparable and not on the same spectrum. A mother and father can help with certain situations but with a lover one can be more open with sensitive feelings. In a romantic love one can be comforted with a more physical response

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