Love Vs. Infatuation And Lust Essay

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Love versus Infatuation and lust. So how do you know? If it's love or infatuation? The question itself ie very simple, the answer however, is not easy to accept. And here it is : "Does the relationship you are in bring out the best in the both of you?" This is the part where you get to "evaluate" yourself, your significant other, and your relationship. Honestly. Though difficult, evaluating how things are going at a regular intervals can help to give some direction (and re-direct misdirection) to people who are self-guided towards happiness and success. For those who are on a "negative" course, people who are really unhappy, confused, and perhaps self-sabotaging, regualar evaluation can point out some hard truths about oneself, and/or about the person, you want to take the next step with, and you will be face with the mmost obvious question. Is it love. Or infatuation. Love can be many things, including some of the following. A dynamic process. A dynamic process between two very involved or intriguing people. It either grows very strong, or your feelings are no longer there and your relationship is consumated. It brings out the best in people. There is teamwork. (Both partners share responsibilities and nothing is to say at the least half assed. which is also called giving it effort.) Sharing emotions and trust. Trust is very easy to gain and very easy to lose. Also, very hard to regain after you lose it. Like they say " Anyone who goes through life trusting people without making sure they are worthy of trust is a fool. Yet there are peoplewho may be trusted, men as well as women. There are as many difference in their natures are there are flowers in the meadows." (Elizabeth Aston, The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy, 2005 .) Also meaning "don't use and abuse the trust people give you." Love can also be long term investments. You both invest a lot of

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