Love Versus Lust Essay

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LOVE VERSUS LUST BY CURTIS FLOYD ASHFORD UNIVERSITY ENGLISH 121 COMPOSITION1 Love and lust has a variety of different meanings. Love for instance is something that grows with time. Lust on the other hand is more along the lines of something that you feel that you have to have at that moment. Love would be a better option to have instead of lust. Having love is more powerful than having lust. Lust is something that can be given from anyone but love on the other hand can only be given from the heart. Lust is an intense sexual desire for someone. Love is a deep affection and warm feeling that you have for someone. Lust is seeing a person that looks good and imagining things about that person. Love is having that special someone in your life for years and years and the love gets stronger and stronger each day. Love is always in the heart of a person. Love is better because it gives you stability. Love also gives you a reason to look forward to everyday. Lust is a quick and easy way to let go of your self. Lust is something that is quickly forgotten. Love is something that will stay with you until the day you die. As adults we look at couples that have been together for years and imagine how they did it. Then we find that special someone and realize how easy it is to be together that long. Love is more in depth than lust because it is a feeling that you can hold on to forever. Love is something that will be there when you are sad or happy. Lust is something that can be turned into love. It just takes two true people to make that work. Two people that can find themselves looking into each others eyes wondering what tomorrow will bring is what makes you fall in love. Love and lust have very different meanings. You see that love is more durable than lust. Lust can eventually lead to love when people really mean a lot to each other.
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