Love the terrible. is it ? Essay

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Why is love so dangerous? Living is easy…Enjoying it is hard. There are many reasons for a person to say life is cruel, but what is the most hurting and lethal thing? What’s the most dangerous thing that can happen to a man? Science says that anything you can’t measure can’t be controlled. They measure light, sound …and now they are controlling it as they want. But really what if you can’t control something? Love is a miracle, they cannot make it happen, they cannot copy it or replicate it ….its truly a miracle. It comes by it self, it doesn’t need an invitation… The only thing you can’t control is Love. Love is such a thing that dose not even have a meaning, no words to describe it, no dictionary to tell you what it really means. You cannot measure it, you cannot see it, you can only feel it and express it. Love can be something that gives a dead soul a life; it’s also something that can kill a living flower. Love can be a cure; it can also be a disease. There is no medication for it, no weapon if you say so. What happens if you become the target? What are the signs? What do you do? For theses questions there is no perfect answer… ever one finds it different for them selves, but there is one thing in common, you cannot avoid it, no matter how brave or strong you are, Love crumbles your soul in such a way that the only thing you see is him/her. Your sight is taken away, your eyes only see him/her, and the only thing that brings you comfort or happiness is when he/she talks to you. But are you really listening to him/her? No you are not…. Trust me, you are just looking at him/her and falling in more love than ever. What happen if you cannot have her? What happened if you cannot tell her that you love her? What happen if she doesn’t love you? This is when you die. This is when you face the most pain; a knife in your heat would hurt less than not being

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