Love Stories in Mythology

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In Mythology there are many love stories, three of which are very special and important. The first couple is Pyramus and Thisbe, the Ancient Greece version of Romio and Juliet, forbidden by their parents to be together. Next, there was Orpheus and Eurydice, star crossed lovers. Orpheus loses Eurydice forever and grieves deeply. Lastly, Cupid and Psyche, neither one of them had faith in each other, which makes them a perfect example of not trusting in your lover. As you can see each story had many similarities and differences in the three couples and their stories. Even though they had various troubles each one of them found love. They all had lessons that they learned from and they also had their similarities and differences to learn from. The three couples had several similarities that pulled their stories together. All of the people did really stupid or ignorant things for love. Pyramus and Thisbe were sneaking around to see each other and they both killed themselves because they thought that the other was dead; Orpheus went to the Underworld to get Eurydice and turned around to soon and then she was stuck in the Underworld for all eternity; and Cupid and Psyche risked their whole relationship because they didn’t trust each other. Another similarity is in every story one of the two make a major mistake. In Pyramus and Thisbe’s case, Pyramus killed himself because he thought that Thisbe was dead and when Thisbe found him she killed herself because she was so upset. In the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orpheus looks at Eurydice before she made it completely out of the Underworld and she was sent back forever. In Cupid and Psyche’s story, neither one of them had faith in the other. Also, in all three of the stories they went through great measures for the one they love. Pyramus and Thisbe risked everything so that they could sneak out and see each other. Orpheus
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