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Nikki Goumas Scott Weaver English 121 Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015 Love Song Essay What is love? Love is chemistry; it’s blind and unconditional, it’s not a concept but an action. Love is something that is bigger than us, we cannot demand or take away or dictate how, when and where love will present itself but we can invite love into our lives. Love is kind of like lighting. It’s unpredictable and you never know when it may strike. Love can also encompass anger, pain or even grief. The meaning of love in itself is difficult to comprehend. Every person has a different view of what love is and what love isn’t. That being said, for this particular subject matter love is often expressed in many different varieties or genres of music. Two popular songs that do a remarkable job of portraying love in their own ways are “Space Bound,” by Eminem, which depict a rather depressing and suicidal approach, and “Crash my Party,” by Luke Bryan which depict a rather promising and upbeat approach. Luke Bryan’s song “Crash my Party,” could potentially give unrealistic expectations towards love and relationships whereas Eminem’s song “Space Bound,” gives more of a realistic view on love and the struggles that love and relationships face throughout life. “Space Bound,” by Eminem is primarily about how Eminem is in love and chases after a woman who doesn’t love him back and takes him for granted. Depending on how the song is interpreted Eminem lives two parallel lives. Eminem’s inner-self per say is not in a relationship but imagining himself in one whereas in reality he is in a relationship with a women who is playing games with him and doesn’t love him back. The song depicts a depressing, suicidal and somewhat of a realistic approach. You can assume that Eminem has and still is struggling with a mental illness, bipolar disorder and recovering from a drug addiction. As the

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