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The Love Song of Donta Watkins It has come to recent thought that I always fall into deep admiration of creatures above my rank In the end I am left feeling lonelier than an orange bar line highlighted on E on a gas tank In the back of my mind I tell myself that I am the perfect choice for such a gazelle When in reality I know her not at all and I am giving myself hell Through all of this disdain and second guessing she still runs my mind like Forrest Gump Through the battlefields of my mind, she drives vivid even over speed bump This is the girl of my silent thoughts For her I go against what I’ve been taught Or is this a form of psychotic health Should I just get some help? She passes me up going on the boulevard I should follow her and talk to her it shouldn’t be hard Is it considered stalking if I follow her home without her knowing? It’s okay because one day this will be the grass that I’m mowing I’ll cross her residence on accident of course And perhaps one day if she’s auspicious I’ll come across with shining armor and a horse I can only allude to her response of my presence She’ll invite me in her home to a fresh crisp of baked goods and heavenly citrus scents Or is this a form of psychotic health Should I just get some help? I spot her like a Dalmatian in a neon cerulean pullover I’m about to make my move faster than a car on the highway in the form of a Rover My feet are guiding my in her direction I am suddenly overcome with nervousness and fear similar to a plague of infection My mind is screaming in disgust that this approach is the worst But my heart knows I must move now before the hearse Her blouse seems to speak to me with the swiftest tone It relays me a feeling that we are finally all alone “Hello, I don’t want to take too much of your time But yes ma’am out of all the ticketed women you are the fine When I

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