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ENC1102 Chapter 2 Active Reading Exercise Readings “Winning Hearts and Minds in the War on Plagiarism” by Scott Jaschik “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts” by Donald M. Murray “Tabula Asiae” by Michael Ondaatje Directions Answer the following questions. Submit your completed document to the appropriate submission drop box in the Blackboard Assignments folder. 1. Considering what this unit presented about nonfiction genre, identify the primary genre of each of the readings. In Winning Hearts and Minds in the War on Plagiarism” Jaschik essay was based more on reflection and personal opinions because his were on different studies by different professors on the "war on plaguarism" among students and how common plagiarizing is and the different methods used to change that. Mr. Murray begins by discusses Peter F. Drucker method of a "zero draft" and how the writer should begin counting drafts after the first draft is complete. He explains how many writers feel, that after the first draft is completed it then can be edited to say what is exactly meant. Murray explains how we need to be critical readers and when editing. He states, "[w]riters must be their own best enemy" The use of a sense of place forces one to picture themselves in the story being told. Tabula Asiae uses metaphoric phrases that makes the essay much more interesting to read. “the wife of many marriages, courted by invaders who stepped ashore and claimed everything with power of their sword or bible or language” (Ondaatje 99). The sentence used here by Ondaatje creatively elaborates on the historical tale of Ceylon, which describes that “The island seduced all of Europe” (99). This is where I believe a slice of history makes an appearance in the essay. Although Ondaatje’s essay seems a bit imaginary and dreamy, it definitely does have historical references and

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