Love, Sex, Marriage, and Relationships Essay

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Love, Sex, Marriage, and Relationships Today in the modern world, the meaning of relationships has changed drastically. People are not following the traditional process of long-term dating relationships that eventually can lead into marriage. Generations of relationships are changing in the way people date now. In this generation, relationships are now beginning around the age eleven and twelve, which is younger than in the past (Kendrick). Present day relationships have evolved into the process of dating and living together, with marriage being last on the list (Friederson). Relationships are changing which means that they are becoming less meaningful in the aspects of communication, connections, dating, and even the talk of possibly getting married. The connections of the couples are changing from good to worse. In the past, people wanted “a deep emotional and spiritual connection with one person for life” (Whitehead and Popenoe, 416). What this meant was that eventually, there would be a connection on a deep and meaningful level, before the conclusion that the person they are with can be their soul mate. Some feelings that could be regarded and would tell if a person was in love are feelings such as, cherishment, respect, trust, jealousy, etc. However, modern relationships are changing where there no longer has to be emotional attachment in the relationship, but more of a “sexual” need (Grimes 399). On the other hand, if there is no communication then what that means is that there is no commitment visible, and there is that disconnect between the people in the relationship. In this generation, the majority of people view dating only as a means to satisfy their physical needs; in other terms, they are only dating for pleasure, and a temporary relationship instead of looking for a solid long-term relationship. Over the years, the ways of dating have

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