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Lesson, quiz, test, repeat. Like shampoo, rinse, repeat, the cycle is continuous. Lesson today, quiz tomorrow, homework, homework, then test next week. Did kids ever learn just to learn? For as long as I remember, I have been learning for tests. A change in the way children learn in public schools could greatly change society. Most teachers around me are focused on teaching for the test, just enough to get students to pass the test, pass the class, pass the year. If teachers focus less on teaching for a test and more on teaching for life of for a child’s future, the kids would be able to learn and actually retain so much more. A change in the way tests are given could allow for so much more success. For example, a kinesthetic learner would do better on a test where they were actually building something than on a written test about how to build it. When kids are able to use many different sources for learning, (rather than the one textbook, one teacher, one test method) they are sure to remember unique experiences and retain what they need to know. I have always wanted to be able to help children like what they learn. I plan on becoming a teacher, but I know it can be a daunting task. There will always be kids who don’t know and don’t want to know. They don’t care about learning, until that one teacher can change them, and make them realize that learning is great. I want to be that teacher. I want to be the teacher who inspires the child ridden in poverty to believe he can make something of himself. The one who teaches for the joy of teaching, and not just for a paycheck, not just to get as many kids as possible to get an A on the test, then forget about them. I will change the education process because I will care about who I’m teaching. I will know the best ways they learn, and use multiple methods of teaching, so everyone will understand and love what they

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