Love Is the Solution Essay

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David XXXX Professor XXXX English 111A – 13D x September 2012 Love: The Solution Love is one of the most important things in our lives. Love is a wonderful feeling that expresses loyalty, honesty, affection, and at the same time friendship. We find many different types of love: love towards our family, our sweetheart, our friends, and others; But why is love so important? Because we need love for each day of our lives. Love is simply the engine that drives our lives. Even though people see love as just a feeling, love can also be the solution to many of our problems; this I believe. We are always surrounded by love; first, the love of your parents and family, the love of your friends (real friends), the love of your sweetheart, or love of your children. Without these, life wouldn’t be the same. Today in our society we also see many problems. Problems of violence, hunger, crime in the streets, and even in how we educate our children. But the question is, how can love solve these problems? I believe that where there is love, there is compassion, there is caring, and there are values to live by. Problems such as hunger and violence can be solved with forgiveness and caring for others which can only be shown if there is love in our hearts. The purpose of forgiveness is not to absolve someone of the sins committed against us; but to free ourselves from the pain and the anger. When we forgive, we are better able to let go of the past. We are also part of this thing called the human condition. No doubt we have different political points-of-view, different skin colors, and religious preferences; but when we care for others, it allows us to extend a helping hand and to pass along some unexpected grace. When we take the time to forgive and to demonstrate that we care; we demonstrate the fact that there is love in our lives and that there is still plenty of good

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