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Love is Love. Whether a person is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or whatever their sexual preference my be, a person is a person and their sexual orientation should not determine what “type” of partnership they can have; love is love and nothing should be getting in the way of love. Currently, at this moment in time under the Defense of Marriage Act, the federal government of the United States does not recognize same-sex marriage, but same-sex marriage is currently legal in two states, Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the United States and elsewhere this issue is a divisive political issue. “The social movement to obtain the rights and responsibilities of marriages in the United States for same-sex couples began in the early 1970s, and the issue became a prominent one in U.S. politics in the 1990s.” (Wikipedia.) Same-sex marriage, also referred to as gay marriage, is a marriage between two persons of the same sex. In the United States this right should be put in effect in every state not just Massachusetts and Connecticut. However so people in this country do not believe this should be put in effect because of their religion and other reasons everyone should be treated equally. Banning homosexual from getting married is not being treated equally. In American the Civil Rights protect every citizen’s life, property, religious freedom, free speech, freedom of association, access to a fair trial, and equal treatment under the law. Neither heterosexual nor homosexual orientation should be considered the basis for citizenship and civil rights. “Protecting these civil rights means that many activities and relationships among citizens require no recognition in public law. For example, friendships, including those that are intimate and enduring, have no standing in the law as institutions or organizations. That is as it should be. People who are

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