Love Is Always Love Essay

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Love is Always Love Amanda Hernandez Trujillo July 26, 2014 Written Communications I/ ENC 1101 State College of Florida: Bradenton Campus Love is Always Love Love is a very sensitive topic and very hard to understand. People wonder every day why inexplicable situations happen when they are in love. This dilemma is been brought into art through the romantic comedy, a genre that reflects all the conflicts love presents and sometimes an unrealistic ending. The romantic comedy has common characteristics; one of them is how “the narrative can be punctuated by tears and sadness” (Mortimer, 2010, p. 3). Furthermore, Mortimer states that “Their incompatibility may arise from social status, wealth, conflicting lifestyles and attitudes or even purely their different expectations of relationships” (p.4). Finally the romantic comedy shows how “the trajectory almost always involves the seeming loss of love and the beloved”, and perhaps most important “the narrative concludes with a happy ending, with the final union of the couple” (p. 3-4) With Friends With benefits (2011) Will Gluck imaged the common factors in a romantic comedy but with a different direction. Justin Timberlake who interprets Dylan is a guy who does not want any more serious relationship, and Mila Kunis who is Jamie is tired of thinking that love is like in the movies. After becoming friends, these two decide to take advantage of their emotional dysfunctions and started a relationship with no strings. It sounded pretty easy for them, but at some point they realized that they cannot live without each other. The film Friends With Benefits reflects the sadness always presented in a romantic movie when in love, the two people involved are not in the same page. Also the film shows the different relationship expectations because Jamie started to feel something else for Dylan and so is Dylan for Jamie but he

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