Love In The Play 'Cosi' By Louis Nowra

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In ‘Cosi’, a play written by Louis Nowra, the meaning of love is explored and challenged by the different views of the mental patients, the protagonist Lewis and his friends Nick and Lucy. Nowra considers the importance of love in human relationships and a deeper enduring bond of love based on trust, respect and loyalty. The relationship between Lewis and the patients changes him. At the beginning of the play Lewis is narrow minded and thinks that in those days politics is more important than love. However, as he continues to perform with the patients finds for himself that love is most definitely imperative for humans. Love is one of the main themes of ‘Cosi’. The play suggests many different aspects of love by giving us the different opinions of love from the main characters. Ultimately throughout the play the changed values that Lewis has on love, the faith that Cherry has towards Lewis and the loyalty that Julie displays towards her lover shapes Nowra’s views on love. Love must consist of not…show more content…
Lewis, a young and naive graduate who freshly took up the job of being the director for this play of mental patients replies by suggesting, ‘Love is not so important nowadays,’ and Roy questions him if he is ‘from another planet’. Throughout spending time with the mental patients and helping them get the play together, Lewis begins unravelling the stories and views of love from the other patients. For Julie love is about being ‘foolish’ and on the ‘edge’ it is important as it lets us be ourselves and brings happiness. Nowra placed Julie and Roy in the play to persuade Lewis to change his mind and from that we can see that Cosi does not support Lewis’s original view on the importance of love. However some characters such as Doug believe in the concept of ‘free love’ and that having is ‘solitude’ is better than

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