Love in Romeo and Juliet

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Love is not a source of pleasure, love or joy. It is a source of pain and anguish. Romeo’s self-obsessed courtly love for Rosaline causes him deep sorrow. Romeo feels he cannot do anything while thinking about Roslaine; “ah me sad hows seem too long.” He cannot take his mind off her and time passes very slowly while he is thinking of her. This contrasts to where Romeo is with Juliet and time passes very quickly. Romero understands how deceptive, gripping and unforgiving love is. He explains that “love is a smoke made with the fumes of sighs… a madness most discreet.” When Romeo explains the smoke, he is expressing how love is a mystery and you can always understand it all. He says they are “fumes of sighs.” The part of this phrase which stands out to me is Romeo using the word sigh. People sigh when they are upset or angry. This therefore shows how Romeo thinks that love is painful. Romeo uses the imagery, “it pricks like a thorn.” referring to love. A thorn on a rose is sharp and causes pain. Romeo is referring to how love causes pain through and image. I think much like love, a rose has a good and a bad side. A beautiful and a painful side. In ‘Romeo and Juliet’, when the two main characters are faced with the death of their beloveds, deep and powerful grief ensures. Romeo refers to his body as a temple and says, “That I may sack / the hateful mansion.” He is referring to how his love is more valuable than a mansions and he is willing to sacrifice it for love. When Romeo is about to drink the poison over Juliet’s unconscious body he makes a long speech, portrayed to the audience as a soliloquy, in comparison to Juliet’s very short and swift speech because the guards were coming. I think Shakespeare did this because throughout the play Romeo hadn’t had a large monologue about his feeling towards Juliet whereas Juliet had spoken a lot about Romeo. This speech….
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