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The name of this book is Love & Hate In Jamestown. It is written by David A. Price. It was published in January 2005. The book is about the settlement of Jamestown and the interaction of the various members of the colony and their interaction with the Indians. The book brings to life and explains the real story of the first years of the Jamestown colony. David A. Price is a historian raised in Richmond and Midlothian, Virginia. He has studied the original sources of the Jamestown colony for many years and has written numerous articles about Jamestown. His literary effort was one to correct myths and incorrect conclusions about the Jamestown colony and the people in its founding history. He does this by meticulous attention to historical detail in his efforts to explain the personal actions of the colonist. He clarifies the lives and interactions of various individuals, especially those of John Smith and Pocahontas. He brings to light many truths not brought out in the American education system. For example, all school children are taught that John Smith’s life was saved by Pocahontas. But, it is seldom if ever taught that she saved john smith’s life twice. This discrepancy is one of the corrections that David Price makes in this book. To achieve his goal the author provides intimate descriptions of the primary individuals in the book and clarifies the relationship that the settlers had with the Indians in so doing he removes myths that surrounded the establishment of the colony. In the case of Pocahontas the author establishes her character as that of a person raised in royalty, great freedom of action, intelligent and compassionate of others ref. pg. 68 paragraph. 2 first sentence. Strengths of Love & Hate in Jamestown Mr. Price does a good job in his portrayal of the major characters in the book. He clearly explains the relationship of the settlers and the

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