Love for the Candy Candyfreak

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Love for the Candy Candyfreak Almond tells a simple story of flourish and decline about American candy. Starting from addiction to candy exploration. Steve Almond lived an experience traveling the country from town to town to commit to his dream of visiting all candy companies. Candy has played a role in Almond's life, since he was a child until he became an adult, as he mentioned in his essay Candyfreak. Almond's childhood favorite candy was called the Caravelle, "You are right, dear boy. Caravelle is the best bar ever produced. I've always known that. But the board of directors told me it wasn't making enough money" (Bradway and Hesse 157). Sadly the candy had disappeared from the market. This woke up an intrigue in Almond to live an adventure, investigating different factories and their competitors. During the whole essay, Almond was portrayed as someone that had a passion for candy. He wanted to see the way people used to make candy bars without making profit. "Long before I began to visit actual candy factories, I harbored elaborate fantasies about visiting candy factories" (Bradway and hesse 157). As studied in the book Creating Nonfiction, chapter 3, is very important to start an essay correctly because it makes the reader feel interested to continue reading, and also it tells you an idea that what will be the essay about. Candyfreak, is a very interesting name, and it would be interpreted as someone's passion. What things Almond will experience? Would Almond satisfy himself after his adventure? Readers will have other questions to be answered. This reader's intrigue is provoked by Almond's beginning essay. Almond had plenty of clarifying strategies used to his ideas. "Scene-by-scene construction." He mentioned, "It was a bright, cold day and the sun beat down on fields of hacked cornstalks" (Bradway and Hesse 160). Almond was explicit in this
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