Love At First Sight

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The scene that I chose to examine in Cukor’s film, “Romeo and Juliet” is the scene where the Capulets and Montagues are all gathered at the Capulet mansion’s party. This is one of the first scenes in which Romeo first notices Juliet, and Juliet first notices Romeo. I will examine how Cukor uses techniques, effects, and sounds to show that in this scene, for Romeo and Juliet, it was “love at first sight”. Romeo and Mercutio and the Montagues first go to the Capulet's party to see Romeo’s first and only love (at the time); Rosaline. As the Capulets are in the middle of the floor, you see Benvolio and Romeo scouting the room, as if they were looking for someone, probably Rosaline. We then see from Romeo and Benvolio's view Rosaline who has on a blind fold and is being spun, almost as if she were playing “pin the tail on the donkey”. She is gathered by a bunch of; we could probably assume Capulet men. Rosaline is happy and cheerful. She is laughing and seems to be having a great time. When the shot goes back to Romeo, he does not seem as happy as Rosaline is. He seems disturbed and bothered. Benvolio then goes on to say to Romeo, “Ah the fair Rosaline whom now loves thee”. Romeo watches as Rosaline is spun, then she starts to walk off. The camera follows Romeo as he is trying to get a better and closer look at Rosaline. As Rosaline walks with the blindfold, Romeo gets into a doorway where Rosaline is heading(the camera again following him as the camera changes from Romeo’s point of view looking at Rosaline then back to following Romeo trying to get a closer look at Rosaline). When Rosaline is close to Romeo, he grabs her and brings her into his arms, as Rosaline is still smiling and having a good time. Romeo then takes off his mask, as Rosaline takes off her blindfold. When Rosaline realizes she is in Romeo’s arms, she has a look of disgust and quickly pulls away and
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