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On Thursday the 3rd of May, three young adults from the mainland visited Taroona High School, and showcased their performance, Love Drunk, to the senior students of the school. Love Drunk, essentially, was a documentary drama, based around the issues of alcohol and rape combined; a very topical issue for the intended audience. The three protagonists were a group of friends in their late teens, named Marko, Lee and David. The plot builds to a climax when Lee invites the boys to a party. Throughout the night, they each consume a large amount of alcohol, which in turn, leaves them all in a severely numbed mental state. It is at this time that David suggests he and Marko have sex with Lee, whom was at the time unconscious. Marko disagrees with this, and they quarrel for some time, before David disappears. Marko, too tired to make his way home, falls into bed with Lee. Upon waking up, Lee is confused to find Marko with her in bed, and is also bewildered to find her pants undone. The actors then threw the story to the audience, asking for suggestions as to what Marko could say to Lee. This is an incredibly powerful concept to use, as it turns the performance into something that someone is viewing, to something that someone is taking an active part in creating. It also showed the skill of the actors, as they were put in the position where they had to adlib, particularly Lee. The performance concludes with Lee visiting the boys, who act as if nothing had ever happened. This frustrates Lee immensely; and although it isn’t shown in the performance, it was quite clear that their relationship as friends was over. The actors then finished the performance with a reminder about the laws relating to sexual assault. Personally, I found this to be quite a lacking way to end the performance. Particularly, with a documentary drama, it’s important to leave your audience with

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