Love Dont Cost a Thing

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Love Don’t Cost a Thing: a Take on Teenagers Striving For Popularity It all begins with Alvin Johnson, the neighborhood pool boy (Nick Cannon), and his group of nerdy friends fantasizing over the most popular girl in school, Paris Morgan (Christina Millian). It is the typical high school scenario in which the popular Paris and her friends completely ignore anyone who isn’t up to their standards. The popular kids have nicer clothes, shoes, houses, and cars than Alvin and his friends. Alvin and his friends spend their time building a car from scratch, trying to win a scholarship while their fellow popular classmates go to parties and get everything they want from their parents. Alvin’s invisibleness changes very quickly for Paris when she crashes her mom’s fancy car and Alvin is the only one who can help. Paris doesn’t have enough money to fix the car but Alvin has a proposal. Alvin is willing to fix the car in exchange for two weeks of dating. With no other options, Paris accepts the deal. Although the situation seems unrealistic, Love Don’t Cost a Thing successfully portrays the typical teenagers strive for popularity and the lessons learned when one loses sight of his or her own identity. At times, the scenarios in Love Don’t Cost a Thing seem unrealistic because of the very rare coincidences. How can a nerdy teenage boy have enough money to fix up a damaged car? How did Alvin happen to be at the car shop right when Paris Morgan pulls up? Although it seems as if the movie forces the deal between Paris and Alvin to happen, the point still comes across. The unrealistic scenario is can be overlooked by the relevant messages that come through in the movie. Teenagers will do whatever it takes to be popular. You can see this in teenagers all across the country. They are trying to fit in with the new fashions, trends, and fads of the time, just to be a part of what

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