Love Conquers All

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Essay: “Love Conquers All” In the novel, “Goodnight Mister Tom”, it is clear that love conquers all because of the positive effect that love has on Willie. The author, Michelle Magorian, creates the character of William Beech, who is evacuated from war torn London to a country village called Little Weirwold. It is here that Willie, a thin, deprived child flourishes under the care of Tom Oakley, because of the care, commitment and unconditional love shown towards him. Love conquers all because the unconditional love shown towards Willie allows him to gain in self-confidence. This is noticeable through Willie’s willingness to try new things and change his beliefs. Willie joins in with the Carol singing and becomes the prompter because Mr Tom’s unconditional love has given him the confidence to do things within the community, without being self-conscious and scared. An example of Tom’s unconditional love which builds confidence in Willie, is when Tom persists in trying to help Willie read and write, without success. He keeps trying. For instance, he buys Willie clothes and paints to show he cares for him and then Willie starts to believe in himself. His beliefs change as he learns to trust Tom and with this confidence he is able to learn new things. Also, when Tom rescues Willie from a terrible fate in London, he cannot believe Tom would do all of that for him. Willie feels that Tom really loves him greatly and so his confidence soars. After this event, Willie is informed of his mother’s death. The question arises as to where he will live. Although the Billeting Officer suggests an orphanage, Willie has the confidence to stand up for himself and say that he will live with Mr Tom because he is loved there. Clearly these changes in Willie through Mr Tom’s unwavering love demonstrate that love conquers all. Love of family brings about a sense of
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