Love Completes Odds Essay

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To LOVE The definition of the words ‘to love’ mentioned in the text is to give completely your mind, your heart, your whole being and not ask a thing in return, not begging bowl to receive love. If I say the definition from the text with my own word, ‘to love’ means willingness. When there is that kind of love, is there anger? And why do we get angry when we love somebody with the ordinary, so-called love? (par.1, line 2-4). Truthfully, I am really interested with these sentences above, because these truly happen in the real life. I interpret the word ‘to love’ as the same as the writer does, but actually it’s very hard for me to apply the definition into my life. Comparing the content of the text with my own experience, I find out the surprising thought coming up to my mind. When I love somebody, I will accept him as the way he is, but as the requirement he should give the same quantity of love and acceptance for me. From that consideration, I conclude that whenever loving someone, I inquire the return from that person. If he doesn’t give back the love as I expect, I may be angry or disappointed to him. It means that I am not willing enough and what I do can not be called as ‘to love’, doesn’t it? In the text says the writer that ‘to love’ is natural when a person is young, but it is soon destroyed by the parents, the educator, and social environment. Because of this statement, I realize something that really exists in our life: demands. As soon as I grow up, there are many demands which come from many sides: my parents, my educators, and my environment. For example, my parents will be angry to me if I get a bad mark in my test. Actually, the demand itself shows unwilling love, and unconsciously it teaches me to be self-centered. I love my friends, but for fulfilling the demand I concern more about myself. If I help them, they should also help me when I need

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