Love Checkpoint Essay

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Checkpoint: Love PSY/265 September 11, 2012 Megan Hild Lee and Erica have been together for seven years. They have two children together, and the relationship started off really well. After dating for about six months, Lee gave Erica a promise ring, and Erica gladly accepted. After being together for about a year, they had their first child; the couple was happy and content. A year after the birth of their first child, Lee started to become verbally abusive to Erica, but because she still loved him she stayed in the relationship. Erica told Lee that he needed to get help with his anger, but he refused to acknowledge that anything was wrong. By the time their first child was two, they had their second. Again everything was good for about a year, and then Lee became verbally abusive again. Lee constantly tells people that he and Erica are not together, and eventually moves out. After a little while Lee cannot sustain the household on his income alone, so he convinces Erica to move in with him and tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her again. This relationship continues following this pattern until eventually Erica has had enough, and moves out. This is a scenario for Game-playing love. Stephen and Ellen loved each other from the moment that they met, as with Lee and Erica they have been together for seven years. The difference is that Stephen and Ellen have only one child together, and have recently bought a house. At the beginning of their relationship they would do little things for each other just to show that they loved each other; Stephen would bring Ellen coffee at work and buy her flowers “just because”, and Ellen would write Stephen poetry and cook romantic dinners. After seven years of being together they still do these little things for each other constantly. They still laugh at the same jokes, enjoy the same food,
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