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Love can be learned, TOO By: Demetrius Berndtson 2/01/2014 The role of a Hispanic woman in Latin America is that the woman stays at home, raises the children, cooks/cleans, and is submissive to the husband anyway that pleases him. More and more Hispanic women are breaking through the workforce and becoming, in a sense, their own bosses. Hispanic women are taking charge, working, while still being able to juggle children and all the responsibilities of home life. Although the idea of machismo still runs rampant in Latin America, hispanic women are taking a stand and making historical changes over the past decades. In the novel, Chronicles of a Death Foretold, it revolves around main characters Angela and Santiago. The Novel displays the many roles and expectations that women had during those times. In simple words, boys were brought up to be men, the girls were brought up to be married. In, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the culture that separates men from women play a key role in developing the story. The novel shows that there indeed is a line between the social responsibilities between men and women. "The time has come for you to be tamed."(Marquez, pg9). Right from the beginning, the novel brings out the expectations that men have on women when it comes to marriage and must tame their women. Women are also expected to retain their purity, or they are considered to be unmarriageable. As read in the novel, Angela is perceived as the perfect woman while she attempts to conceal her impurities so as not to lose her place in society. She has been trained in the duties of marriage: washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, and even embroidery and accomplished in all of the things that matter in successfully running a household. She wears a veil (something considered profane in those who've lost their virginity), taking the chance of being severely

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