Love Aubrey By Suzanne Lafluer Analysis

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Bailei Stout Reading Project 10/08/09 Love Aubrey, By: Suzanne LaFluer Love Aubrey, is a novel written by: Suzanne LaFluer. Aubrey is home alone since her mom left her. All she had to eat was cheese and crackers. Breakfast, lunch, dinner that is all she had. She also sits in front of the TV all day. She finally got tired of cheese and crackers so she got her b-day money and went to the store. She gets some soup in a can. On her way back she sees a pet store and goes in. She doesn't have much money but then she turns around and sees some fish and a sign that says BETTA FISH $3.99. She bought Sammy and some food and goes back home and watches Sammy swim around in his bowl. As she goes down stairs the phone…show more content…
I noticed the mail on the edge of my bed. I looked at it, it was from my mom. There were two. The big one looked like it had been tampered with. I opened that one first. "She sent the picture!" I yelled. Gram came running up. "What?" she said. "She sent the picture" I said once again. I was so happy I ran over to Bridget's to tell her. Then we played. After playing, I went back home to get a drink. Then I went into my room and noticed the little envelop that I forgot to open. When I opened it, there were two things in it. The first thing was my ring. I had forgotten it when we left. It was my lucky ring. It was very special to me. She must have picked it up and thought I might have wanted it. The second thing was a letter. It read: My dear Audrey, I noticed that you took my picture and put it in the envelop. I thought you might want it. Also, I want you to know I am doing well. I have painted the living room and the dining room a fresh yellow color. I cleaned your room but you can decide what color to paint it. My job is going well. I love helping out with people and their babies. I can't wait to see you. I hope it will be

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