Love and Respect

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Love and Respect What do eating disorders and domestic abuse have in common? Nothing, I would think, but according to Amy L Beck, they do. In an essay written by Beck, Struggling for Perfection, she puts partial blame on the media for the cause of both of these problems. Amy Beck spent a summer working in a psychiatric hospital and based her essay on her experiences there. Although she admits that the patients with anorexia bulimia had “family problems, alcoholic parents, histories of abuse and clinical depression”, she believes the media and the fashion industry both play an important role in how women feel about themselves. She feels this causes a lot of pressure on young women to become “perfect” and will starve themselves to look like the models they see in magazines and on TV. Beck also points a finger at sex ads and the pornography industry for contributing to the way men view women and states, “These men are not genetically predisposed to disrespect and abuse women. Their attitudes towards women were societally conditioned.” She thinks that it drives men to commit crimes of rape and abuse of their partners. She includes, “I am absolutely convinced that the objectification of women by the media is an integral part of both of these problems, presenting women with unrealistic role modes while encouraging men to think of women solely in terms of their sexuality” Although Amy Beck may have a point, depicting women with perfect bodies in unrealistic, but I think she puts to much blame on the media. I think that both, eating disorders and domestic abuse, are caused by something much deeper. These are psychological disorders, in which I find hard to blame on a Victoria Secret Catalog. To me it would be like blaming Budweiser for all the alcoholics in the world. Furthermore, I must disagree with her reasons for blaming the pornographic
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