Love And Perseverance In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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Fire – Love and Perseverance Nothing is stronger than the love shared by father and son. In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, the father and son are traveling to the south after a nuclear war, and all they have are the clothes on their back and the thought that they need to keep “carrying the fire.” The term “carrying the fire” is McCarthy’s way of saying that they need to persevere. The “fire” inside of them is their strength, pushing them to carry on their journey to the south. The “fire” is also the love they feel for each other, and throughout the novel, they show it without having to say it. The “fire” is not only perseverance and love, but also each other. “Carrying the fire” is just another way to say that both need the other in order to survive - the father would not be able to live without the boy, and the boy would not choose to live without the father. Mentioned multiple times throughout the novel the phrase “carrying the fire”, is used to describe their strength and perseverance. The father and son never gave up. They kept moving and eventually made it to the coast. “Then they came upon it from a turn in the road and they stopped and stood with the salt blowing in their hair... Out there was the gray beach with the slow combers rolling... Like the desolation of some alien sea…show more content…
The father and son need to make their way to the south during the aftermath of a nuclear war that wipes out civilization. The father and son share an extremely powerful bond that gives them the strength each other needs to keep going. Love, perseverance, and strength; all words used to describe the phrase “carrying the fire.” The boy’s last words to his father before leaving him are “I’ll talk to you everyday…And I wont forget. No matter what” (286). The boy is telling his father that he will continue to “carry the fire” and that he will never forget him even though he will no longer be with
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