Love and Lust Essay

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Define love and lust by contrasting. Love is a wonderfully, happy feeling. True love is rare to find. When you find true love you experience doubts with all your feeling you had ever had in past relationships. True love is a positive feeling that seldom makes you feel sad or insecure. A relationship with love will last because you built it on a friendship bias first. Love makes you want nothing but the best for your significant other. There is no jealousy because there are no reasons for it. A loving relationship consists of two people that enjoy their lives and spending time together, sharing everything life has to offer as a couple. Love makes you feel good inside, and you feel hurt if they feel hurt. You intimate relationship only enhances because of the strong positive feelings the two of you share. Real love may last a lifetime. Lust is a rollercoaster of feelings that mostly are not positive. Lust I very easy to come by. When you are in lust you experience negative feelings frequently, and also feelings of insecurity. Your relationship is not based on strong foundation but instead the relationship was founded on sexual experiences. You may find in small conversation that you do not have much in common, besides sex. You do not have the feelings of wanting to unselfish with that other person, you usually experience a lot of jealousy when the opposite sex is around that other individual. Most lust relationships do not spend much quality time together, instead you spend small amounts of hookup time together, that almost always leads to sex with no feelings attached. When in lust you do not spend much time as a couple. Lust relationships usually will not go out to dinner or a movie and seldom have any heart to heart conversations. Sex is usually really good at the moment, but then leaves you feeling empty and used inside upon leaving that person. These

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