Love and Lust Essay

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Love versus Lust Love is a feeling deep inside your soul. It’s something that when you are without it you feel as though you are incomplete. Love is something you cannot live without. Think of love like oxygen. In order to survive you need it to breathe. Lust, however, is something you want but you can still live without it. For example, you think you need a cell phone and can’t live without it, when in reality you can function without it attached to your ear. Lust is what you feel when you want something but when you get your fix you are satisfied and no longer lustful. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate love and lust because lust can exist in the presence of love. Though love and lust have many similarities, they are extremely different in many ways. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or a deep affection, whereas lust is an overmastering desire or craving. When we think about love we usually think of something that when we are without it we feel as something is missing. Love is something that you’re passionate about doing. It’s something that we enjoy doing. Love is a euphoric feeling, or a feeling of great happiness. It is something that cannot be maintained without some level of communication. Love is a tender and passionate affection about something or someone. It has a positive effect on a relationship because when love exists in a relationship both partners hold the happiness of the other and place the happiness of their partner ahead of their own desires. Love affects relationships in a number of ways including how the couple interacts, the leisure activities they participate in, and the longevity of the relationship. In a loving relationship, the couple is thoughtful towards each other and is aware and mindful of each other’s feelings. Each partner places the other partner ahead of herself and strives to treat each other lovingly and

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