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Travel Agency Acknowledgment I would first of all thank my parents for providing me a wonderful school with many talented teachers. & It would my utmost pleasure to thank my subject teacher Mrs. Archana Destmukh who provided me the helping hand thought the project on travel agency software named “ARYAN TOURS & TRAVELS” 1. INTRODUCTION- 2. E.R, MODEL Case study+ Different ErR. models. 3. CODING. MDI Form LOGIN Form SIGN UP Form MODES OF TRANSPORTS 4. FORMS ….Login ….Sign up ….Modes Of Transport Roadways Airways Railways Mode of payment 5. BIBLOGRAFHT ?7M ATM INTRODUCTION The solo purpose of the software is to meet the intended users’ need. As it reflect from the statement fJ SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT IS THE TRANSLATION OF A USER. NEED”. If all the requirements of user are served by computerized solution, the user is satisfied enough Thus the software should be designed effectively so as to meet its objective of user satisfaction Lawrence Peter has stated “SOFTWARE DESIGN LS A SYSTEM NOT A SECRET’. The designing equally applies to database design and development. The most important things to keep in mind throughout the design process, is integrity of the data, so that in future the data should be retrieved. To avoid these bugs, a systematic approach is followed. This involves lots of steps and phases. This systematic approach of developing database is called DATABASE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE or DDLC. This is similar to SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE or SDLC. This consists of foUowing activities: 1 .Preliminary’ study.-”survey 2. Feasibility study J. Design 4. Investigation & fact recording. CHANDAN i\II3HRA XII jCIIiNCIi 5. Analysis 6. Maintenance & review. Preliminary study/survey During this phase the problem in current is identified and the information is gathered from many sources. Feasibility studyr During this phase

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