Love and Hate Essay

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Symbolism of the Journey Stacey Lindsey Eng. 125 Introduction to Literature Instructor: Andrea Baer February 22, 2013 Symbolism of the Journey Robert Frost’s “The Path Not Taken” and Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path” focus on one particular theme that is “Journey”. While the two writers have displayed a similar theme, it is a different point of view. Each of them have showed particular journey through which life can change. Out of many things in these two literatures there is one thing in common, i.e. no matter what journey a person takes there is a lot of hurdles and hardship standing in their way to demotivate them. Each of the literatures have different characters, symbolism, and historical context although the theme of these two works of literature is the same i.e. Journey. But each of these writers has portrayed it in a different way. In the poem “The Path Not Taken” tells that in life a time comes when has to decide which way he/she have to choose one path to spend taking chances, but also has themes like, experimenting new things, not following the crowd, and taking a stand on something. This is totally different from Eudora Welty “A Worn Path”. Eudora shows in her story that Phoenix Jackson has no choice to select her path in order to heal her grandson. She has to take a path that ends in a place where she could find medicine for her grandson. No matter if the path is difficult or easy, right or wrong she has taken this journey just for the love of her grandson. Journey had different meanings according to different people. Some people consider journey as only a distance they have traveled while they forgot that there can be great meaning beyond each step is taken. While focusing on destination people neglect to recognize the value of the whole process that gets them there. The exhilaration and excitement of capricious voyage allow people to learn

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