Love And Fidelity In Cosi

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Practice Essay: Discuss what you think Louis Nowra wants to convey in this play. In Cosi, a drama play, I think that the playwright Louis Nowra wants to convey the true meaning of love and fidelity but also help the reader to understand the main issues of society’s perception of the mentally ill and attitudes toward the Vietnam War. Set in the early 1970s, Cosi is hilarious, yet poignant, look at life through the eyes of patients in an insane asylum who endeavour to mount a production of Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte as part of an occupational therapy program. Nowra wants to convey the concept of love and fidelity in the play Cosi, as the ideas are linked to the real world. Lewis is clearly not sure about Lucy’s ‘modern’ approach to love and thinks love is “the last gasp of bourgeois romanticism” Lucy said. Lewis’ views on love are somewhat different from those of Lucy’s, as he thinks that love and fidelity are important. So when Lucy cheats on Lewis with Nick and thinks nothing of it as they are not married, he doubts the concept of open relationships and free love. The use…show more content…
The burnt out theatre can be viewed in two different ways, one being a contextual perspective. In this way the burnt set symbolises the destruction associated with the Vietnam war, which is emphasised though Lucy’s dialogue “burnt wood and mould..”. Nowra is portraying society’s values and beliefs as essentially “burnt out”. Secondly the set can be interpreted on a thematic level, in which the negative attitude towards people with mental illness that society has, in which Nicks dialogue “mad actors are bad enough. But madmen” reinforces. The initial darkness inside the theatre can be viewed of the life in which the mental patients lead. The play although does not portray the lives of the mentally ill as hopeless but as meaningful with Nowra’s “chink of daylight” in the

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