Love and Convenience Essay

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Love and Convenience, Two Different Things With allusion to Janie from Their Eyes Are Watching God, by: Zora Nale Hurston. “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see the imperfect person perfectly” – Sam Keen From To Love and Be Loved. For many, especially during the 1800’s love was not an option or something to look forward to, instead it was something that came to you when a certain elder decided to whom and when you will be married. Losing their popularity but still being scarcely around, arranged marriages have condemn the lives of many young ladies who have to go through love less marriages. In Their Eyes Are Watching God, by Zora Nale Hurston, Janie the main character goes through a series of love types which include the idea of convenience. Janie’s grandma had been taking care of her since a young age, leaving Janie very grateful for her kindness and care. Nanny was getting old and came to find out she was ill, little to Janie’s knowledge her life was about to change drastically when Nanny gets her to marry Sir. Logan Hillicks for protection Instead of love. Janie goes through with it and becomes extremely tired of Logan’s bad attitude, and literally runs away with the first guy that was available, Joe Starks. Janie later found out her life with Mr. Starks was going to be full of wealth and happiness as Joe became town Mayor. Money then took over Joe and made him an arrogant man full of anger towards everything, changing Janie’s marriage to a habitual one instead of one full of love. Joe Later passes away due to Kidney fail and Janie then meets Tea Cake, who was finally the one to make her happy and give her the love she had been looking for. Janie’s life is a perfect example for the several types of love one can go through which I believe are Convenience, Desperateness, and actual Happiness. Convenience comes

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