Love and Basketball

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Darwin Geronimo Love and Basketball Essay Love and Basketball is a pretty self-explanatory movie. It centers around two characters, Monica and Quincy, and their relationship with basketball and each other. It is not too original in terms of narrative though it was made about fifteen years ago. Nevertheless, it manages to communicate strongly its ideas of romance and the roles each gender plays in a relationship. It is my belief that many people can relate to the struggles of Monica and Quincy. A romantic relationship lasting as long as theirs is bound to get messy and both parties end up getting hurt. Quincy deals with fairly typical male problems growing. As a child, he could not grasp the idea of Monica playing basketball. He had many preconceived notions of how women should behave though it’s quite understandable in children. He later comes to respect Monica for her abilities. Monica on the other hand deals with the less common problem of being a bit of a tomboy. In first meeting Quincy, she wore a baseball hat, concealing her gender. Monica herself is accepting of her tomboyish and yet she is aware that even at her young age, she knows the other boys will not. She loses her temper rather quickly and that not only gets in the way in basketball but relationships as well. Her mother constantly criticizes her general demeanor causing a constant tension between them. Her attitude is not particularly appealing to the boys of her age either. Going into high school, Quincy’s general outlook of women is still fairly superficial. His relationships seemed rather meaningless focusing primarily on looks. Again, not uncommon for men of his age. His particular style of basketball reflects this sort of mindset, going for some of the more dramatic plays to catch the audience’s attention such as dunking the ball. Also during this time, Monica’s awful temperament is
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