Love Accuracy Test Rhetorical Analysis

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Hailee Riker Mrs. Guro CP English 11 September 10, 2010 After coming home from school the other day, I started my daily ritual, homework, snack, and then I watched some T.V., though this time I paid close attention to the commercials. Most of the commercials were boring and tried to convince me to buy something, whether it was a car, or a computer. After awhile they all started to mesh together as I tried to analyze them and see which uses of propaganda were in them. Finally, one commercial stuck out, it was a commercial for a so called “love accuracy test”. After watching about an hour’s worth of commercials after that one, I knew that I would not be able to find a better example of propaganda. Though this commercial was a waste of about 2 minutes of my life, I can remember every last detail about it, considering that I watched it and took notes on it about 5 times, thank goodness for TiVo! As I recall the commercial started out with a couple all snuggled up on the couch watching T.V., when all of sudden a commercial for a love accuracy test came on. The girl being curious decided to text in both her name and his, which after doing so she got a immediate response…show more content…
The first technique I noticed was fear, they try to scare you into thinking that they know all, so there for you must listen to them. The other very prominent technique in the commercial was card stacking, or misleading facts. This commercial misleads you first off by saying that they can tell the future of your relationship just by knowing you and your partner’s name. It also makes the process seem more easy then it is, for example: when she texts the names she gets an immediate response back, when in actuality, you first get a message saying, “this service costs x amount of cash, to proceed text yes.” The scariest part about this is that people most likely fall for these
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