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What is Love? Love is defined a profoundly tender, passionate affection or desire for another person. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment, most often accompanied by sexual passion or desire. I have read several dictionary entries, and not once has love been described as a heterosexual emotion or feeling. I believe that love is blind. It is a pure and beautiful embracement of affection and emotion, and I believe everyone is capable of being loved, as well as loving another. What I don’t understand is why society has a fairytale, biblical, and somewhat metaphorical image of Love. Love is a feeling that is personal it is not a crime to be judged and put up for debate. I grew up in what most would call a traditional family. I had a mother, a father, an older brother, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. My parents did not divorce, and they are both Caucasian. Most people will argue that I grew up in the proper setting. What is proper, who makes these rules. I had friends as a child, some of which their parents had divorced, some were brought up in an inter-racial household, a few were adopted and lived with permanent foster parent, and some even had homo-sexual parents. I’ve never judged another by their life situations. I believe that as long a person is happy, others should be happy for them. Being an adopted child does not mean that you are going to grow up, have children, and put them up for adoption. Having homosexual parents does not mean you are going to grow up and automatically be a homosexual. People judge others by their own belief of what is right and wrong. The problem is0, we are all individuals. We all have different goals, different preferences, and different lifestyle choices. One of the biggest arguments against homosexuality is targeted against their right to marry within the homosexual community. In the renaissance time

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