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Puls 1 Briahna Ward Mrs.Puls Gram/Comp 1 In trouble every single day-- May 21, 2009 was our last day of school. I was so excited; I couldn’t wait for the 2:25 bell to ring. Everyone was, happy, and, excited also. In every class room you had to be quiet and not say a word. Well, I’m not that good at just being quiet. So, I thought it would have been funny if I walked to the front of Mr. Helton classroom, the English teacher and yell out someone’s name in the back of the classroom. So, I walked up to the front, and yelled ,”ChelseyKay loves me”! Mr. Helton, was so angry he turned around and said, “Briahna, go out in the hall way, I will be out there to talk to you in a minute!” So, I went in to the hall way, which I thought I was pretty cool. I texted my friend Chelsey and told her to get in trouble so she can come outside. So, after she told the teacher, she didn’t like him, he told her to go out in the hallway also! So, we were bored sitting in the hallway for almost 30 minutes. So, we decided to take off our high top vans and slide down the hallway in our socks. So, we ran really fast down the hallway and right when we were running I couldn’t slow down, and guess who came around the corner. It was Dr. Benn, coming around the corner, and, what did I do? Run straight into her, and we both fell down on the hard hallway floor. I just layed there because, I couldn’t believe this was happening I was scared out of my mind. I was too afraid to check and see if the old’ lady was okay. So, after I got myself together I looked up and there is like 20 teachers surrounding us. They made a big commotion out of this little thing. I got up after I seen Dr. Benn was okay. They walked me to the principal’s office and, I sat down in the chair next to Chelsey, who also was in trouble for sliding down the hallway with socks on. Mr. K the assistant principle, called us both

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