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Amanda Goralewski Joyce Sakwe English 1010 September 23, 2015 Desiree’s Baby What is love? Does anyone really know? The love between a mother and child is not the same as the love between a husband and a wife. There are many types of love such as an unconditional love or love at first sight. Love is the reason why so many people do things, they would not normally do. I once ate raw oysters for a guy that I thought I was in love with. What have you done for someone you love? Would you look past a child’s origins like Madame Valmonde? What about racism? Can someone be racist just by the things they say or the things they do? I have heard people say nigger to one another and not be racist because they are the same race but someone of a different race could say it and be called a racist. So where does racism come from? Is it taught or is it a natural reaction towards someone, or something that is different? These are just a few themes in Desiree’s baby. Love and racism are two themes in most stories and part of the everyday life of anyone one person. There are also themes such as hatred, slavery, death, wealth, dishonesty, and betrayal just to name a few more. Madame Valmonde is a wealthy plantation owner’s wife. She is unable to have children of her own and one day while her husband is out for a ride, he comes across a little toddler near the gateway. Madame Valmonde becomes so overjoyed that she views this as a gift from God. Madame Valmonde does not ask any questions regarding the child but she does believe that the child was left purposely by a Texan family. Her love for this child is an unconditional love. Many would say that a mother starts to feel this unconditional love as she carries her unborn baby, but can someone love a child unconditionally even if she did not carry it? No one can explain this love. According to this story Madame Valmonde’s love

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