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Visual Rhetoric Think about how many times you see, hear, or even use the word love each day, and now think about how much you actually view or display the meaning behind it. For most the more prevalent one is probably the word rather than the action. Growing up, I have always heard actions speak louder than words yet in today’s society I am constantly observing the opposite. The word love is extremely over used, while the significance behind it is set aside and put on the back burner, but is the meaning we associate with love what it really should be? In our 21st century culture love and lust have begun to coexist together, and in some situations it has even allowed lust to completely obliterate the ideal kind of love so many have wished for. All of that being said, the word love itself and the meaning of it has lost the depth and seriousness of its original foundation. The human race has blurred the lines of love so much that women will use the same word to describe her favorite purse and her feelings towards her daughter. Men will say the word in the same context towards beer and his son, yet no one seems to realize the over use of it. Parents teach their children to not use the word “hate” because of its strong connotation but allow the word love to be used as abundantly as wanted. Some people might say that this is not an issue but starting this habit young can lead to problematic situations as they grow up. In relationships “I love you” should not be thrown around and stated after two weeks of knowing one another; it should be said when someone truly means it. More heartbreak is being caused because the one that “loved” you so much decided not to feel that way anymore. In some ways, the word love can be almost as dangerous the word hate however it is used so lightly. So why does such a strongly defined word have such an average meaning now? Another

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