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Love paper Love, love, love. What a powerful word. Love is something every person, no matter what you say, tries to find. Love is a beautiful thing, but it is tossed around a lot now. So what really is love? Do we confuse it with sex? Is it used to get sex or does sex make you in love? Does a male see it differently than a female? Does sexual orientation change how person views love? Is love different once he or she becomes married? How does a person communicate with his or her significant other? Well love is viewed differently by every person, based on their sexuality, gender, age, whether they are single or married and how they communicate. Sexuality plays a big role with how a person views love. Heterosexual people are more likely to sustain a lifetime relationship than homosexual people are. This is because most heterosexual people view their relationships as exclusive more often than homosexuals do. Studies have shown that gay men are more open to having one time sexual interactions with other men than lesbians. Simply men are more open to having a “one night stand” than women are, so since gay men are attracted to other men they are more likely to do this. Even though homosexuals are more likely to have sexual activities outside of a relationship, this will not make them feel like they are a gay man or a lesbian. But it’s their falling in love with another same sex partner that establishes their gay or lesbian identity. This means homosexual people use love not to just find a partner but to also establish their identity as a gay or lesbian person. While heterosexual people use love only to find the person to have a relationship with (Crooks,197). Then gender plays a huge role in how a person views love. A male will view love somewhat differently than a women does. A man is more likely to say he is in love based on sexual satisfaction than a woman. Men

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