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Assad Choudhry English 1A Online Orientation 1. I am currently enrolled in the class. 2. I have taken multiple online classes before, but not any English online classes. 3. One of my strengths as a writer is that I can come up with ideas and thoughts quickly helping me move through an essay at an exceptional pace. My main weakness is also that I can come up with ideas and thoughts at a quick pace. I also consider this my weakness because new ideas continually pop in my head even when I’ve already chosen what I wish to write thus confusing me and causing me to go astray. 4. My last English class was in high school and I must say I remember it being fairly fun. Although I despised having to write a new essay almost every day I truly loved learning about different aspects of the English language. 5. The best way to communicate with Kent would be through a properly formatted e-mail. 6. The subject of any e-mail sent to Kent should read ones full name, the class they are inquiring about, and a short description of what the e-mail is about. The email will start with a greeting such as Dear Mr. Fortin. Then the first body should contain your name and a brief explanation of why you are writing, the second body should contain the details of why you are writing, and the third body should contain contact methods so Kent can contact you and a call to action. The email will end with a complimentary closing such as with regards and then your full name. 7. Yes there is a required textbook called 50 Essays. 4th. Ed. 8. The day that Kent is usually unavailable and not near a computer is Sunday and maybe some other days throughout the semester, but he will notify us when those dates do come up. 9. Three unacceptable reasons for late work are computer and technical problems, incorrect file types submitted, and excessive problems in essay

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