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Love. That’s the first thing that I thought of when I read this. Love. It’s a powerful word. A powerful meaning. When I read lines six ,seven, eight, and nine. “to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them”. Four things come to my mind immediately. Unum. “to be seen by them”. If you love someone so much you want them to know you. To know who you are. To see you. “to be seen by them”. Duo. “heard by them”. It’s the feeling you have when you are talking to them. You don’t want them to just be listening to you. You want them to actually take in what you are saying. It’s like if you say something really stupid, but they remember it forever. They heard it. “heard by them”. Tribus. “to be understood”. They don’t understand you. You are kind of screwed if that happens. If you love someone so much and they don’t understand you. It sucks because you can’t do anything. If they understand you it’s a whole other ball game because they get you. They actually know you. They understand you. “to be understood”. Quattuor. “and touched by them”. Has someone ever touched you so gently you wanted to cry? Doesn’t happen often. You could be touched by them physically or emotionally. Physically. It could sound weird, but if you are the one in love it feels right. Emotionally. This could be harder. They touch you emotionally. Emotionally? It sucks when you think there is something happening, but in the end nothing is really there. They could also take advantage of you. Love. It’s a powerful

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