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I am going to talk about the first time I fell in love. And I'll be calling it the first time because every time is the first time. Everybody has different ways of explaining it, but if I were to go up to an old man on 8th street, tap him on the shoulder, and go, "Jesus in heaven, I'm in love!" and explain to him how I know that, and describe to him every single shimmy and shiver and quiver and shake and thrill I feel pulsing through my body, and the bursts of nameless colors in my head, he will just nod his head and say, "Go on, sunny girl. It's magnificent." Because there are a million ways of explaining it. When you are in love like I am, like this, you will do whatever you can to immortalize it. To squeeze a bit of it out into a bottle. To write it out and put it in a sealed envelope. To sing about it, with whatever trite words you can muster. To catch it on film, either authentic or re-imagined through a script. But you cannot. It is a vain hope, what they do, because there is no way that you can stuff it up with preservatives and keep it in a glass cage and hope that it will last. Love is the cheapest and richest thing in the entire world, and it is the only thing that can stand being that way. Poor men can afford it. And rich men are sometimes even too rich for it. It is ambiguous and cruel and uncalculated. It is bloody and violent and sardonic. It is elegant and exciting and all-encompassing. It is every single word, because every single word was made to describe it. That is how much we hate it. That is how much we adore it. I fell in love with the same person you did. They were sweet and kind and funny. They were mean and brutal and honest. They smelled like fresh-mowed lawns, like new books, coffee grinds and crushed mint leaves. They smelled like Africa in the winter and the China in the springtime. They had a personality for every one of the

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