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WR121 Paper#1 The Notebook The Notebook is the first novel that Nicholas Sparks wrote in 1996. Later in 2004 it published and become popular, however the novel and the movie have very different endings. In this essay I would like to analyze the film. The film stars a young couple falls in love in the early 40s as Noah and Allie. The story was telling by an old man to old women who stay in the nursing home and lost her memory. In 1940s Allie with her family came to South Carolina for the summer vacation. Once she went to the carnival in Seabrook Island with her friends. The first time Noah sees the pretty Allis, he falls in for her, but Allie refuses him until their friends attraction them together. Soon they become a couple and spend all the summer together even though Noah is just a carpenter and earn less money. One night they went to a dilapidated house and Noah told her that he wishes someday he can buy and restore the house. Out late her parents call the police to search for Allie at that time she was forbad to seeing Noah again. Noah thought that her parents were right and he isn’t suit for her, so they break up. The next day her mother told her that they are leaving the town immediately. She runs to the place that Noah works for, but he was out. When Noah tried to see Allie, she was already gone. Noah has continued sending the letter every day for a year, but he didn’t get any replies, so he decided to stop and join the fight in World War II. At the same time Allie also move on for her life by volunteers as a nurse’s aide for injured soldiers. She had a chance to meet an outstanding soldier and also she accepted his propose. One time she saw the newspaper of Noah with the house, so she decided to come over and check if Noah is back and if he is still love her. Noah shows up and they spend couple days together. One day morning he shows her one part

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