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Learning starts with failure. Every person in their their life has failed at least once,and that's where their learning started.Not everybody was born with all the skills one needs in order to survive on thisEarth. Failure is the base of the education and first failure is the beginning of theeducation, which then leads to sucession. Every successful person out there in theuniverse has failed at least once. Its the foundation of the education.One would think that Albert Enstine, William Shakespeare, Thomas Edison and manymore had never failed in their lives. But they also know that its not true. Forexample, currently I am taking Physics Honors class, and we had a test on Newton'slaws. I got 75 as my grade and that's low according to me, that's failing. From thenon, i paid attention in class and never gave the teacher the opportunity to say youfailed again. That almost failing grade was the inspiration for me to do better inclass that's what education is about. There is a fight going on betweeb India and Pakistan, and it has beeb going on for along time. They fight in olympics, cricket and many other stuff including religion.Even though not most have learned anything, but some have that fighting ineverything is not good. It just maked you more aggressive and more hungry for thepower. There is a saying that too much power corrupts people . Its true, we haveseen many people fall for it.In conclusion, wrapping up, I would like to say that every failure is the base, thefoundation of learning. Being a failure in life is what inspires people to learn, to besuccessful in life. Not everybody is born with abilities that can help them not fail.Everybody needs to start some where and for most people, their failure is theirstarting. Whether it is the failure in tying a shoe lace or in studies or anything, butthat's where it starts and that's where it should

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